Aqua Marina SUP
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    Drifting down the river, can become effortless effort, where nature does most of the work, While the rider simply guides the board, taking the occasional steering stroke to keep the board headed in the right direction.Similar to Fusion, the Magma is simply a cruising and surfing version, which still offers high level of functionality. Highlights - the 4cm...

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    Practical, Durable, BeautifulThe Thrive is the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything SUP that everyone can enjoy. From the success of the sister board, Breeze, Tjrive takes its inspiration from the most popular nautical animal - the Sea Turtle and is presented in stark white, black and green which i sure to please the proffesional paddlers eye. With its...

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    Get pumped up on the biggest and funniest health craze sweeping the planet. The Vapor features an all round, wide style design ideal for learning, recreational paddling and small wave ridding with comfort and stability. Perfect glide for cursing with flat, wide decked shaped for easy turning. Equipped with a carry bag, pump with a optional 3 piece...

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    The World's most popular SUP shape The world's favorite and most versatile shape available in inflatable. Designed for riders wanting low volume and weight.Excellent for fitness, stretching and exploring riding. 

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