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    CULOARE ALBA / S/M New for 2017 is the Liquid Force Pro Pad and Strap Kit. The Pro Pad is the peak of comfort and customization in a kiteboarding strap and pad. Adjustable fitting to every rider’s individual foot profile is the highlight of the pad. Our unique “tab” strap system offers multiple dimensions of adjustment to fit any foot out there. High...

    219,00 €
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    H1 ALL PURPOSE FOOTSTRAP Sizes: SMALL: < 9 US / < 41 EURO. STANDARD: 9-12 US / 42-47 EURO. The H1 is a one strap, asymmetrical body shape which provides a positive fit for the rider looking for a lightweight and positive connection. It is supportive, yet lightweight and exible, and can be used for all types of twin tip riding from freestyle to...

    120,00 € 150,00 €
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    One day you are in booties. The next you are barefoot!  

    149,00 €
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    The Fusion footpad and strap setup delivers world-class comfort, ultimate performance, and effortless

    189,00 €
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    Featuring all the advanced technology, comfort, and performance of the Fusion, the Fusion X delivers the finest in fit, featuring a high-visibility yellow/white color, and Zonal Adjustment with it’s dual Velcro straps.

    177,65 € 209,00 €
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